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For Sale Massey Ferguson MF550 Two wheel drive tractor

Very good condition approx 3000 hours ,One owner

Priced at £4750

Contact Vic Brown on 01260 226 261


For Sale Carier Slurry Separator ( this you tube clip is for illustration only )


Price £ 4,250

Contact Vic Brown on 01260 226 261


Brand New and Exclusive to V.B. Fabrications Ltd the Fabdec - Fullwood - Darikool Silicone Drain Bung - Plug

Two Lely Astronaut A2 robot’s available
Installed 1999
One Left Hand
One Right Hand
Complete with a full range of spare parts.
140 Transponders
Shedding Gates
Both robotic milkers are in excellent condition and can be viewed working.
These units are For Sale on behalf of our client
For further information email or call Vic Brown on 01260 226261.

Just Arrived

A secondhand/used DeLaval VMS™ Robotic milker

Are You “Thinking” of milking your cows with a robot!
We at V.B. Fabrications have acquired a DeLaval VMS™ Robotic milker to help you decide.
Here are some points to help you choose.

DeLaval VMS™ is the ultimate milking system. It enables you to harness up to 3000 litres of milk per day per unit.

It is equipped with mastitis detection index MDi technology and a cow calendar as standard. MDi measures conductivity per quarter, blood per quarter and milking interval per quarter of a cow, and alerts you if the animal is at risk of developing mastistis in that quarter.

The cow calendar send you regular alerts e.g. when a cow is due for insemination according to the 21-day cycle and activity measurement.

Feed cows right
•DelPro feeding module
•Auto feed calculator
•Automatic feed time control

DelPro feed tables and automatic feed calculation can provide the exact feed amount for each cow based on accurate milk yield.

Automatic feed time control ensures that during milking you can feed individually without any rest feed in the manger.

Improve udder health
•DelPro MDi
•Quarter milking

Milk quality and milk diverting is controlled with unique MDi (milk detection index) that combines several measurements to reach high reliability.

With accurate quarter milking, take off per quarter occurs at exactly the right moment to ensure good udder health.

Get cows pregnant
•DelPro cow monitor
•Cow calendar
•Activity meters

Cow monitor highlights the cows and quarters that need your attention with colors and trend indication.

DelPro herd graph shows the status of each individual cow on one screen. This provides you with a very quick and accurate overview of the whole herd.

DeLaval VMS is a stainless steel manufacture where the use of plastics has been kept to a minimum. Electro polished, brushed and painted stainless steel is easy to clean and has a long lifespan , VMS is easy to clean thanks also to smooth rounded surfaces.

The open construction allows the cow to see around her. She stands free in a contented calm position with no obstrusive gate constructions or side bars to limit her movements. A non-slippery rubber mat lowers pressure on the hooves.

DeLaval VMS fits all cow traffic solutions thanks to its compact size.

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Then Contact Vic Brown on 01260 226 261


Just Arrived
40/40 DeLaval Blue diamond rapid exit.

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blue Diamond Stalls
  • Full Automatic Indexing
  • 500 Transponders more available if required
  • Alpro milk metering control boxes
  • MM25 Infrared light measurement
  • Reading by digital display
  • Samplers
  • Automatic cluster removers
  • EPS pulsation
  • Hygenius Plant Washer
  • All vacuum and milk-lines
  • Milk Pumps
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Additional Dump –line with five clusters.

This Plant is in immaculate condition currently contained and ready for delivery
This plant New would cost in the region of 200,000 pounds
This complete unit is available at 60,000 pounds UK Delivery
Overseas enquiries are welcome
There would be additional carriage charges for overseas delivery
For further assistance Contact Vic Brown on 01260 226 261

A 40 unit Rotary Goat/Sheep milking Parlour in stock Complete with Cluster's ,Electronic Pulsation , Milk-line, Airlines, vacuum pumps regulator and all relevant stall work.

Also a 20 / 40 herringbone Goat/Sheep milking parlour complete with Cluster’s, Pulsation, Vacuum Pump Milk-line, Airlines all relevant stall work.

We Currently have a selection of Ice Builders in Stock .

Please contact Vic Brown for a quote !

  • Used Spares

    We carry a large stock of milking machine spares, and spare parts for milking machines. To produce quality milk you need a dedicated partner who cares and shares a passion for the dairy industry as a whole. At V.B.fabrications we are committed to providing our customers with solutions, knowledge, service and the experience that empower them to take control of their business

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  • Feeders

    Electric automatic feeders are an excellent means of accurately dispensing concentrates in the milking parlour. They offer a convenient controlled method of supplementing nutrition for the dairy herd.

    The motor running time determines the amount of feed at each cycle. The quantity is decided when the feeder is calibrated. A potentiometer fitted in the control box allows the running time of the motors to be adjusted as required. Each feeder has a motor, no vacuum supply is required. To ensure accuracy a regulated power supply is fitted preventing fluctuations 

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  • News

    Check out our latest news . We have stock and used equipment arriving daily ,from Bulk tanks to complete Milking Parlours , Water Heaters Vacuum pumps ,direct to line ,complete pulsation sysyems.Find out more